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Why collect Avios with

Choose from over 465,000 hotels worldwide and collect between 5 and 20 Avios for every £1 you spend*. So as well as great rates on great hotels you’ll also be one step closer to your next reward.

There’s no limit to the amount of Avios you can collect; stay in a premier hotel and you could collect up to 12,000 Avios per night to give your Avios a boost.

*Avios reward will be based on £ prices – we'll work out the exchange rate if you pay in another currency.

How to collect Avios with

Book a hotel

Find and book your hotel on

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Enter your Avios membership number

Enter your Avios membership number on the payment page.

When will I receive my Avios?

We’ll add Avios to your account within 10 days of your completed stay.

Haven’t received your Avios?

You can claim missing Avios by following the link below.

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