Introducing Avios on Amazon Alexa

Alexa, the brain behind Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, makes it easy for you to take off on new adventures using your Avios. With the Avios Skill on Amazon Alexa, you can keep track of your balance and find ways to collect and spend Avios, using only your voice

That's not all – you can ask Alex to play music, answer questions, or set an alarm so you don't sleep in and miss your flight.

What you can do with Avios on Amazon Alexa

Alexa can tell you a lot about collecting and spending your Avios. All you have to do is ask.

How to experience Avios
with Amazon Alexa

1. Download and open the Amazon Alexa app on your smart phone

2. Tap "skills", search for 'Avios' and tap 'enable'

3. Link your Avios account by entering your username and password

4. Talk to Alexa to get inspired about what you can do with your Avios

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