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Why collect with e-Rewards?

Imagine you could speak your mind about the world, and top up your Avios to go out and see it.

Well, now you can. Complete e-Rewards® online surveys and you’ll get Opinion Points to turn into Avios.

Start collecting Avios

  1. Sign up for e-Rewards using the link below.
  2. Take surveys that suit your interests and earn opinion points.
  3. Redeem for Avios. See how in the next section.

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How do Opinion Points become Avios?

You can exchange your Opinion Points for Avios. Simply log in to your e-Rewards account and visit the Reward Centre. Once you've earned enough opinion points, you can swap them for Avios. The number of surveys you're selected for depends on the preferences you chose when registering with e-Rewards.

Take a look below to see how many Avios you’ll get for your Opinion Points:

Opinion Points to Avios
Opinion Points Avios
1,200 Opinion Points 250 Avios
2,000 Opinion Points 500 Avios
3,500 Opinion Points 1,000 Avios
6,500 Opinion Points 2,000 Avios

Terms and conditions

The number of surveys you complete and the number of Opinion Points you get depends on the size of each survey and the preferences you register with e-Rewards.

Opinion Points can be redeemed for Avios, Avios will be credited to your account within 35 days.

Avios is not responsible for distribution of surveys and so cannot guarantee that you will receive a survey within the initial 60 day period.

Avios shall not be liable for any costs, claims, damages or loss occasioned by any failure however caused, to fulfil the terms of the promotion.

See e-Rewards full terms and conditions