Heathrow Rewards at the airport

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250 Avios for every 250 points

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1,000 bonus points

1000 Bonus points

Join Heathrow Rewards and spend £25 at Heathrow before 30 September to receive 1,000 bonus points worth 1,000 Avios.

Just enter the promo code AVAPR15 when you register your card

Why collect with Heathrow Rewards?

At Heathrow chances to get Avios are all around you. When you shop, eat, drink – even just parking.

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  • Join up, collect with a Heathrow Rewards card and convert your points to Avios
  • Reserve your shopping at heathrow.com/reserve then collect and pay at the airport

How to collect Avios with Heathrow Rewards?

  1. Join Heathrow Rewards
  2. Enter promotion code ‘AVAPR15’
  3. You’ll get 100 points* for joining, and your card within 10 days
  4. Spend £25 or more on your first transaction and receive a bonus of 1,000 points worth 1,000 Avios

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What do you get with Heathrow Rewards?

  • 250 points = 250 Avios
  • 1 point for every £1 you spend in shops, bars, cafes, restaurants and car parks
  • 1 point for every £10 of currency exchanged at a Bureau de Change

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Terms and conditions

Heathrow Rewards is only available at London Heathrow Airport.

Heathrow Rewards terms and conditions apply.

1,000 bonus points offer

Certain products and outlets are excluded, see https://rewards.heathrow.com/web/lhr/terms-and-conditions for full details. 1000 bonus points offer is available to new members of the Heathrow Rewards programme only who join using the above link or register their card and enter promo code AVAPR15 before 30 September 2015. Points will be awarded when £25 or more of qualifying expenditure is made in a single day before 30 September 2015 and the Heathrow Rewards card is used. Only one offer per member on the first £25 of spend only.