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Up to 750 Avios per booking

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Why collect with No1 Lounges?

Make your pre-flight a pleasure with No1 airport lounges, travel spa and pod bedrooms. Enjoy hot bistro dishes, a fully tended bar, unlimited free WiFi and a range of glossy magazines.

No1 Lounges are available at the following leading airports: Heathrow Terminal 3, Gatwick, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

How to collect Avios with No1 Lounges

Pre-book online

  • Get lounge access for:
    £22.50 - Birmingham and Edinburgh
    £25.00 Gatwick and Heathrow
    (saving you between £5 and £15)
  • Add your Avios membership number to your booking to collect 750 Avios
  • Guarantee your entry into the lounge
  • Take advantage of fast-track security lane access*

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On the door

  • Get a £5 discount
  • Show your Avios membership number to collect 500 Avios
  • Remember you can download the Avios app and find your membership number on your mobile

Terms and conditions

*Available at Gatwick, Birmingham and Edinburgh Airports

Avios UK Travel Reward members are eligible to collect Avios and receive a discount when they book an airport lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3, Gatwick, Birmingham and Edinburgh or book the No1 menu dining package at Gordon Ramsey Plane Food restaurant in T5.

Discounts and Avios will be awarded at the following rate:

Airport lounges: Members who pre book an airport lounge online via No1 Lounges will pay a discounted entry fee of £22.50 and receive 750 Avios. Avios will be awarded to the person making the booking. Members who pay for the lounge at the airport on the day and provide their Avios membership number will get a £5 discount and receive 500 Avios.

Gordon Ramsey Plane Food restaurant: Avios members who pre-book or walk up and book on the day will pay £30 per adult, £15 per child for the package and receive 500 Avios.

Entry is subject to availability. Members who book on the day must present their Avios membership number at the time of entry, retrospective claims will not be accepted.

Discounts do not apply to child entry, Avios will not be awarded on child entry. Avios will be awarded 5 working days after your visit. Avios and No.1 Lounges terms and conditions apply to all bookings.