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Collect 500 Avios for every eligible stay*

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Why collect Avios with SLH?

SLH offers the highest standards of excellence, whether you’re seeking the quiet elegance of a country house, the pure indulgence of a spa retreat, or the vibrancy of a city sanctuary.

  • An unrivalled selection of some of the world’s finest small independent hotels
  • Small hotels that deliver big experiences
  • From top hotel destinations to lesser-known corners of the globe
  • They offer a choice of unique experiences that reflect your personality
  • The diversity of the individual hotels, and the experiences that they offer, is exceptional.

If you are not already a member of SLH, you can sign up now for free. Please note you will need to be a member of the SLH club to make a booking and collect Avios.

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How to collect Avios at SLH

  1. Click the button below to join SLH
    1. Enter your details
    2. Select Avios as your Frequent Flyer Membership.
    3. Add your Avios Membership number.
  2. You'll then collect Avios every time you book an eligible stay* on

If you are already an SLH member, just update your preferences and select Avios as your Frequent Flyer Membership.

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Terms and conditions

To be eligible to earn Avios points you must be an SLH Club Member and have added your Avios Travel Rewards Programme membership number to your profile at the time of booking. Bookings can only be made via or the SLH reservations centre.

*Eligible stays of one night or more will earn 500 Avios, Avios will be credited to your account 4-6 weeks after the Eligible stay. An Eligible stay at an SLH Property is subject to booking the Best Available Rate, Club Rate or Advance Purchase Rate.