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Reward Flight Saver

Prices and Reward Flight Saver

The final price and taxes, fees and carrier charges will depend on the route, cabin and airline you book. The prices shown are based on the most direct route.

Reward Flight Saver, or RFS for short, saves you money on European flights by giving you a flat fee on taxes, fees and carrier charges. With RFS you only pay £35 for the taxes when you book a return flight to Europe.

Full terms and conditions are available here.

No Air Passenger Duty for 12 to under 16 year olds

Air Passenger Duty (APD) no longer applies to passengers aged between 12 and under 16 years travelling in economy from 1 March 2016 on flights from the United Kingdom. To make a booking or seek a refund if already paid please contact our Customer Contact Centre on 0344 4933399.

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