At Avios

We wouldn’t ask you to reduce your carbon footprint without rolling up our sleeves too.

At Avios Group (AGL) Ltd, we’re reducing our impact on the environment. We have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard, Green Globe certification and the BSI ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. And we’ve just got started.

Cutting our carbon

We first achieved the Carbon Trust Standard in 2010 and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint further.

How we got there:

  • We made big changes in how we work
  • We followed a Carbon Management Energy Efficiency plan, produced with the Carbon Trust
  • We beat our year on year targets – reducing our travel, waste and energy consumption levels

What we're doing

We've changed the way we work. And it was all simple stuff. Like speaking to each other by videophone rather than flying visits.

Little changes like this all add up. And we're always looking for new ways to cut back on business travel.

What our team is up to

We love to travel at Avios HQ. And we want to make sure our favourite destinations stay beautiful.

That's why we:

  • set up a tax-free bike scheme which changed how lots of us get in to work
  • took part in conservation work at a Sussex Wildlife Trust garden for schools and community groups

Charity begins at home

We love charity work. That's why Avios employees get two days' paid leave a year to do some good – that's 1,000 hours in total.

Money raised includes £80,000 in two years for Willow – who give special days to seriously ill adults.

We also sent a team from Avios to Antarctica with the Robert Swan 2041 mission. They saw the effects of climate change first hand and brought back ideas for changes at Avios HQ.

Thank you

Over 460,000 of you gave us email addresses in 2010.

Our paper promise

We'll only send you things printed on sustainably sourced paper - FSC or PEFC certified.