Eco-projects and charities

We work with charities, eco-projects and UN-certified carbon reduction projects to help counter the impact of flying on the environment.

Aviation counts for around 2% of all human - induced carbon dioxide (C02) emission, so reducing our emissions is the right thing to do. When possible, a simple and good quality carbon offset can compensate for your footprint by paying for a project to reduce the equivalent emissions elsewhere.

An example of one of our projects

A UN certified Gold Standard project, Toyola manufactures and markets energy efficient cook stoves in urban and rural Ghana. The Toyola Coalpot stoves use standard charcoal but are 40% more efficient than the traditional stoves. This greatly reduces the amount of charcoal necessary to cook which reduces CO2 emissions. Between 2008 and 2010, Toyola provided this cleaner energy product to more than 80,000 households and offset 128,000 tCO2 emissions.


A leading conservation organisation, the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) is a UK charity protecting wetlands for wildlife and people. It has nine specialist wetland visitor centres and raises awareness of the issues affecting this unique habitat.

Avios has already donated £250,000 to WWT, and we look forward to continuing our support for such a great cause.

Why reduce C02?

CO2 is a greenhouse gas created when fossil fuels, like oil, gas and coal, are burnt.

Greenhouse gas creates a blanket that keeps the Earth's surface at the right temperature and sustains life. But when too much CO2 is released, the blanket thickens and our atmosphere heats up.