Collect Avios on Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum* flights

Book your flights with Iberia using cash and you’ll collect Avios towards your next escape.

  • Fly to over 150 destinations in 48 countries
  • Collect at least 125 Avios on every booking, but maybe much more depending on how far you fly.
  • Collect up to 2.5 Avios for every mile you fly, depending on your cabin class and ticket type:
See all collection rates by ticket types
Company data
Ticket type Avios per mile Minimum you’ll collect
Economy (Lowest) 0.25 125 Avios
Economy (Low) 0.5 250 Avios
Economy (Flexible) 1 500 Avios
Business (Lowest) 1.5 750 Avios
Business (Flexible) 2.5 1,250 Avios

How to collect Avios on Iberia flights

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Book your flight with Iberia, Air Nostrum or Iberia Express* using cash.

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You can claim Missing Avios up to six months after the date of your inbound journey.

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