Up to 2.5 Avios for every 1 mile flown

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Collect Avios on Iberia flights

You can earn Avios for every mile you fly with Iberia and associated airlines depending on how far you fly and the type of fare you choose*.

  • Fly from London Heathrow via Madrid to 131 destinations
  • Collect 0.25 to 1 Avios per mile in Economy (minimum 125 Avios**)
  • Collect 1 to 1.5 Avios per mile in Premium Economy (minimum 500 Avios**)
  • Collect 1.5 to 2.5 Avios per mile in Business Class (minimum 750 Avios**)

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How many Avios can I collect?

  1. London to Madrid


    Economy Flexible return
    785 Avios

  2. London to Gran Canaria

    Gran Canaria

    Economy Flexible return
    1,570 Avios

  3. London to Mexico


    Economy Basic return
    11,060 Avios

How to collect Avios on Iberia flights

  1. Book your flight with Iberia or Iberia Express* using cash
  2. Enter each passenger’s Avios member ID (digits 7-15 of your membership number) on the passenger details page
  3. We’ll add Avios to your account 5-6 weeks after your departure date

If you forget to add your Avios member ID at the time of booking you can:

Haven’t received your Avios?

You can claim Missing Avios up to six months after the date of your inbound journey.

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You can only collect Avios for travel on eligible sectors, booking classes and flights with selected airlines. Get the full details of applicablie airlines and booking classes at the time of booking.

You can collect Avios on the class of travel you booked and paid for that appears on your ticket, not the class of travel actually flown. You must, except as mentioned below, actually travel on the sector to qualify for Avios.

You can only collect Avios once per flight, regardless of the number of seats purchased. Avios will only be awarded to the member who has travelled on the flight in the relevant sector and not to any third party.
We may, from time to time, determine the criteria for earning Avios, which may include:

  • The identity of the airline
  • Eligible sectors
  • Eligible regions
  • Eligible cabin classes
  • Eligible booking classes

*You can only collect Avios on Iberia Express operated flights when booked on the IB flight code.

Codeshare flights, agency discount tickets, industry discount tickets and airline employee discount tickets are not eligible for Avios. Travel taken on Rewards and other non-cash bookings are not eligible to accrue further Avios. Infant fares are not eligible for Avios.

If you are involuntarily re-routed by an airline partner onto another carrier, and the original flight on which you were booked would have qualified for Avios, you can still collect Avios by writing to us or emailing us via our website. We will do our best to add the appropriate amount of Avios to your account but it may be necessary for you to send us details of your itinerary, including the retained segment of your boarding pass and passenger receipts to claim your missing Avios.

Avios in relation to any flight will be tracked and credited to only one account.
Avios for airline partner flights, which are not tracked automatically at the time of travel, may be credited later at our discretion. You may claim missing Avios after completion of your travel provided you were an Avios member at the time of travel and the claim is made within six months of your travel date or the relevant transaction. New members of the scheme may make a claim for travel prior to joining the scheme, provided it is claimed within three months of travel of the relevant transaction and that Avios (or equivalent) have not also been collected under any other loyalty type schemes for that activity.

In cases of dispute about entitlement to Avios, we may require proof of travel on the relevant sector, including the retained segment of the boarding pass and passenger receipts for the sector claimed to have been flown. Claims must be lodged within six months of the date of travel or three months if you are a new member.

Avios awarded for travel on airline partners shall be based on the individual airlines and where your travel begins and ends. For travel on connecting flights, Avios will be awarded as the total of the separate sectors of the trip, but on direct or through flights with one or more intermediate stops, Avios will be awarded for the ticketed point of origin to destination of travel.

You must give your membership number to the reservations agent/travel agent each time you make a booking to travel with one of our airline partners. Failure to give complete information may result in Avios not being awarded to your account.

Avios will show on your account 5-6 weeks after your departure date. If your booking is cancelled, no Avios will be awarded.

Avios will be awarded per booking, and only paid into the account of the member who made the booking and is the lead passenger. Additional passengers on the booking may claim Avios by including their membership number in the booking.

*On all flights with an IB code (operated by Iberia, Iberia Express or Iberia Regional Air Nostrum).

**Minimum Avios are the guaranteed Avios amounts you get according to the booking class for less than 500 air-miles flights.