At least 3 Avios for every €1 spent*

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Collect Avios on Vueling flights

  • Fly to over 138 destinations
  • Collect at least 3 Avios for every €1 you spend
  • Collect Avios on the total amount paid for all flights operated by Vueling
  • Also collect Avios for hotels, car hire and experiences booked at the same time

Vueling collection rates

Fly with us 40 times a year, or book 20 return flights, to be eligible for your Premium card and get Double the below collection rates

Basic fare

Collect 3 Avios for every €1 you spend

Optima fare

  • Choose your seat
  • Take one case weighing up to 23kg
  • Hand luggage up to 10kg

Collect 4 Avios for every €1 you spend

Family Fare

  • Priority boarding and seat selection
  • Dedicated check-in desk
  • Hand luggage up to 10kg
  • Take one case weighing up to 23kg

Collect 4 Avios for every €1 you spend

Timeflex Fare

  • Priority boarding and seat selection
  • Fast track security at selected airports
  • Hand luggage up to 10kg
  • Premium check-in at most airports
  • Total flexibility on changes

Collect 4 Avios for every €1 you spend

Premium members

  • Double Avios for Premium members
  • Additional piece of luggage weighing up to 32kg
  • Free ‘special baggage’ item
  • Use of Madrid’s Terminal 4’s Fast track service

How to collect Avios on Vueling flights

  1. Book your flight on
  2. On the passenger details page select 'Avios-Other' and add your Avios membership number

If you forget to add your Avios member ID at the time of booking you can:

  • Add your Vueling Club membership number post booking via the website or the contact centre.

Haven’t received your Avios?

You can claim missing Avios up to 3 months after the date of your departure.

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Earning Avios points

  1. Avios points are earned by Members from AGL in return for activity with Vueling and Service Partners. The methods to earn those Avios points are set out in the remainder of this Clause 9 and at
  2. Avios points will be earned on marketed and operated Vueling flights once a member has flown and will be awarded on the basis of total fare spend. If customer wants accrue in a frequent flyer programme different of Vueling Club they have had registered in that loyalty programme.
  3. Only in Optima and Excellence fares (marketed and operated Vueling flight) the customer can accrue their avios in their Iberia Plus account based on distance
  4. The Member must, except as mentioned below, actually travel on the Sector to qualify for Avios points
  5. Avios points can only be accumulated once per flight per Member, regardless of the number of seats purchased. Avios points will be credited only to the Member who has travelled on the flight on the relevant Sector and not to any third party.
  6. If a Member has not earned or redeemed Avios points or purchased or transferred Avios points for 36 consecutive months, all Avios points that have been accrued to that date will expire and the Membership will automatically terminate in accordance with 2.11.1.
  7. Where a Member is involuntarily re-routed by Vueling onto another carrier, and the original flight on which the Member was booked would have qualified for Avios points, the Member may still claim such Avios points online at Vueling will endeavour to ensure the Member's account is credited with the appropriate Avios points however it may be necessary for details of the Member's itinerary, including the retained segment of the boarding pass and passenger receipts to be sent to the Vueling Club Programme service centre in order to claim any Avios points credit.
  8. Other than in relation to special promotions Vueling does not permit the credit Avios points where a Member is earning credits within another loyalty programme in respect of the same Services and such Tier Credits or Avios points are subject to recapture.
  9. Vueling will record Avios points in the Member's personal account. Avios points cannot be redeemed until Vueling has recorded it in the Member's personal account.
  10. Avios points which are not tracked automatically at the time of travel may be credited later at Vueling' discretion. Members may claim Avios points for Vueling marketed and operates flights in Vueling Club programme only (members will not be able claim Avios in their Iberia Plus account for their flights in Vueling marketed and operated in Optima and Excellence fare or in other frequent flyers programmes) after completion of their travel either online at or if required by submitting the retained segment of the boarding pass and passenger receipts provided that the claim is made, within 3 months of the date of travel or the relevant transaction
  11. In cases of dispute about entitlement to Avios points, Vueling may require proof of travel on the relevant Sector including the retained segment of the boarding pass and passenger receipts for the Sector claimed to have been flown. Claims must be lodged within 3 months of the date of travel.
  12. When Members enter into a transaction with a Service Partner they may be entitled to receive benefits and earn Avios points provided they quote their Membership number when entering into the transaction and, if required, presents his/her Card or Membership Number on request. In some cases a Member may be required to enrol in the loyalty programme of a Service Partner and convert the Service Partner's loyalty credits into Avios points at the Member's option. Where a Member must elect whether to earn Avios points or the Service Partner's loyalty credits the Member will not be permitted to re-elect at a later date.
  13. Service Partners which offer service benefits and the ability to earn Avios points to Members are listed on
  14. A Member must give his/her Vueling Club Programme number to the reservations agent/travel agent each time a booking is made for travel on Vueling or when using any other Services. A Member must also present his/her Vueling Club Programme Card at check-in. Failure to give complete information may result in earned Avios points not being credited to the Member's account and the Member not receiving certain Services.
  15. Avios points are shown on the Vueling Club Programme member?s account up to 35 days after the departure date of the booking. If your booking is cancelled or the ticket price is refunded, no Avios points will be awarded.You must be a member of the Vueling club in order to take advantage of any special promotions launched by Vueling in relation to the collection of Avios Points. Promotional Avios cannot be accrued in other frequent flyer programme.

*Only on flights operated by Vueling. On flights operated by Iberia, Avios are earned based on miles travelled.

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