50 Avios for every booking

Why collect Avios with Zipcar

Zipcar is the easy and convenient alternative to car ownership. Sign up to Zipcar and forget about car insurance, fuel bills and maintenance costs.

  • Hire cars and vans across London, Bristol, Cambridge, Maidstone and Oxford
  • You can use Zipcar abroad too, in Austria and Spain – a great option when you’re on holiday.
  • Collect 1,000 Avios when you take out a membership and 50 Avios everytime you book a vehicle

How to collect Avios with Zipcar

  1. Join: Enter your Avios membership number when you take out an annual Zipcar membership.
  2. Reserve: Use one of Zipcar’s cars or vans for a couple of days or just a few hours. You can book online or on your mobile.
  3. Unlock: Walk up to the vehicle, swipe your Zipcard on the windscreen (or tap your mobile app) and it’s yours to drive.
  4. Drive: Enjoy your journey (they even give you fuel). And when you’re done simply return the car to the same place you picked it up

Driving Smarter

After joining Zipcar, 60% of members drove less than 1,000 miles per year. That adds up to more than 121 million litres of crude oil left in the ground.

We’ll add Avios to your account within 10 weeks of taking out your Zipcar membership.

Not received your Avios?

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In order to qualify for Avios, members must be a registered Avios Travel Rewards Programme Member (ATRP).

50 Avios per Qualifying Rental Earn To qualify for the standard 50 Avios award for completed ‘Ziptrips’ on qualifying reservations.

The 50 Avios per Qualifying Rental Earn award is only valid for new members of Zipcar, whose country of origin is within valid territories; United Kingdom.

  • Reservations are made and completed within the valid territory of United Kingdom, Austria, France and Spain.
  • All Zipcar vehicle hire types are valid (including vans).
  • Minimum valid reservation is one hour.
  • Payment for the reservation must have been received within one billing month before the Avios will be awarded.
  • Qualifying reservations must have ended in the previous month to the award month.
  • Existing Zipcar members who would like to earn Avios can qualify when they renew their Zipcar membership.
  • A qualifying reservation is defined as a minimum of a one hour reservation of which has been completed and payment has been received in the month previous to the Avios being awarded.

The award of 50 Avios is standard across all valid reservations and does not vary in relation to reservation length or cost.

1,000 Avios Zipcar Enrolment Earn To qualify for the standard 1,000 Avios for completed Zipcar Membership:

  • The award is only valid for new members of Zipcar for members whose country of origin is within valid territorie; United Kingdom, Austria, France and Spain.
  • Applicants for the Zipcar membership must meet Zipcar’s member eligibility criteria and be a resident of the valid territories.
  • To qualify for the 1,000 Avios for joining Zipcar, Avios Travel Reward Programme (ATRP) membership number of the Zipcar account holder must be submitted during the online application process in the clearly designated field.
  • The Zipcar account holder (primary member) must be the Avios Travel Reward Programme (ATRP) member.
  • Family members who meet Zipcar’s eligibility criteria may be permitted to join the account holder’s account as additional drivers, but will not qualify for additional Avios.
  • Additional drivers will not be required to submit a Avios Travel Reward Programme (ATRP) membership number.
  • Additional drivers on the primary member’s account must be approved by the primary member.
  • A maximum of four additional members are valid on a primary member’s account.
  • Avios Travel Reward Programme (ATRP) members can open a personal Zipcar membership or Zipcar for Business account members when joining.
  • Business accounts must be opened under a registered, trading business, and the account holder (primary member) will agree to business terms and conditions. Whether a personal or business membership is decided, the new member must pay the full annual membership fee for the relevant Zipcar territory.
  • Avios Travel Reward Programme (ATRP) members that join Zipcar through this program will be added to relevant affiliates within each valid Zipcar territory.

The awarding of Avios may take up to 10 weeks from completed date of rental. All Avios issued are subject to Avios Travel Reward Programme (ATRP) terms and conditions. Renter must meet Zipcar’s age, driver and credit requirements.

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