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Collect 500 Avios per booking

Why collect with Best Western® Hotels & Resorts?

Whether you’re on a quick escape or the trip of a lifetime, enjoy Best Western® Hotels & Resorts comfort in over 100 countries. You’ll collect Avios as you relax, so your next getaway comes around even faster.

  • Collect 500 Avios every time you book via
  • Or if you’re a Best Western Rewards® member, you can change your existing points into Avios. Get 1,000 Avios for every 5,000 Best Western Rewards® points transferred
  • Enjoy unique hotels with spacious rooms, top-quality food, and high-speed internet

How to collect Avios with Best Western® Hotels & Resorts

Create an account

Create a Best Western Rewards® Account

Add your Avios membership number

Add your Avios membership number to your Best Western Rewards®, then select Avios as your points preference

Book your hotel

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We'll add Avios to your account within 3 - 6 weeks after your completed stay.

Already collecting Best Western Rewards® points?

You can turn your existing Best Western Rewards® points into Avios. Simply login to your Best Western Rewards® account and swap your points.

You'll get 1,000 Avios for every 5,000 Best Western Rewards® points you swap.

Haven’t received your Avios?

You can claim missing Avios by following the link below.