The Merrion Hotel

Collect 2 Avios for every €1 spent

Why collect Avios with The Merrion Hotel?

The Merrion is famous for five star comfort and guest facilities which include welcoming bars, first-class restaurants and the tranquil spa. With cultural attractions and city centre shopping on the doorstep, The Merrion is an impeccable choice for a stay in Dublin.

You'll collect Avios on your spend so your stay will bring you closer to your next exciting getaway.

  • Get 2 Avios for every €1 you spend at The Merrion
  • Collect on all spend including rooms, bars, dining and spa*
  • Collection is simple - just register your credit or debit card and get Avios every time you spend at The Merrion

How to collect Avios with The Merrion Hotel

Go to

Card registration then enter your AerClub membership number and login credentials


Click ‘Register Card’ and enter your debit or credit card details. These will only need to be entered once.


Simply use one of your registered cards when making a payment at The Merrion.

We'll add Avios to your account within 10 days of spend.

Haven’t received your Avios?

You can claim missing Avios by following the link below.