What is Avios?

Avios are the shared reward currency used by Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Air Italy. By collecting Avios on flights, hotels and car hire, you can enjoy flights to hundreds of destinations around the world.

How do I become an Avios collector?

To become an Avios member you need to join one of our programmes. Once you have created your account you will be given a membership number that you can use to start collecting straight away.

To become an Avios collector you must be at least 18 years of age.

Is there a fee to join Avios?

No, there is no fee to join an Avios Programme.

I've forgotten my username / password, can you tell me it?

Need to find your username? Just tell us your registered email address or Avios membership number and we'll send a reminder of your username

Don't know your password? We can send a link to reset your password.

How do I change my online password?

To help keep your account safe, we recommend updating your password regularly. Login to your account and go to the security details page to change your password. If you've forgotten your password and are unable to access your account, you can reset your password.

Can I change my username?

Login to your account and go to the security details page to change your username. If you've forgotten your username and are unable to access your account, you can send a reminder of your username.

How do I update my account details?

You can update your address, email address and telephone number on our website by logging in to your account and then clicking 'personal details'.

If you've changed your name, please send us your new details, including your Avios membership number, your address and one of the following as proof of your name change: marriage certificate, deed poll or decree absolute (scanned or photocopied documents are accepted).  Please send them by email to help@avios.com

To protect your data, we do not pass your change of details to Avios partners.

What do I do if my date of birth is wrong?

Please send us your details, including your Avios membership number, your address and one of the following as proof of your date of birth: birth certificate, passport. Please send them by email.

What is my membership number?

Your Avios membership number is 16 digits long and starts 308147. Your Avios Member ID (used to collect Avios on Aer Lingus, British Airways and Iberia flights) is digits 7-15 of this number. Your membership can be viewed when you login and click on 'My Account'.

Where can I find my Avios balance?

You can check your up-to-date balance and transactions in the 'My account' page of our website.

My Avios haven't appeared on my account, what should I do?

To claim missing Avios use our Missing Avios tool

Can I merge/combine the Avios in my British Airways Executive Club, AerClub, Iberia and Avios accounts?

Your Avios balance from a British Airways Executive Club or Iberia Plus account can be transferred to an Avios account in your name, or vice versa. This won't happen automatically, but you can do it yourself using our Combine my Avios tool. Combine my Avios is only available if all details, including your surname, date of birth and e-mail address are on your account, and you're not in a household account. If you're in a household account then please contact us.

Can I transfer my Avios to someone else's Avios account?

No, Avios are non-transferable and cannot be moved to an account in another name. However, you're welcome to use your Avios to make bookings for your friends or family.

Why does the Avios website say my account is locked, and what should I do?

This happens when some of the information you are entering doesn't match our records. You can wait 30 minutes and try again or get in touch and we'll help you get online.

How do I close my Avios account?

You can do this by contacting us. You will need to give us your membership number or full name and address to allow us to find your account.

Which airlines can I collect with?

You can collect Avios on flights when you book directly with Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and kulula.

Can I still collect Avios if I've already booked my flights?

If you have already booked your flights you can add your Member ID (that's digital 7 - 15 of your membership number to your booking via the 'Manage my booking' page on ba.com, aerlingus.com or iberia.com

You can view your membership number under the My Account section of our website once you have logged in.

If I've already flown, can I still collect Avios for my flight?

If you've already travelled, you can submit a claim retrospectively for each separate flight sector using our Missing Avios tool

If you weren't an Avios member at the time of travel you can join one of our programmes and claim your Avios within 3 months of your flight.

What other partners can I collect with?

You can collect Avios on a range of travel, leisure and everyday brands. See all ways to collect.

My Avios haven't appeared on my account, what should I do?

To claim missing Avios use our Missing Avios tool

Do Avios expire?

Your Avios won't expire as long as you're either collecting or spending with us at least once every 36 months. Have a look under the 'Collect' and 'Spend' headings on our website to see all the ways to collect or spend your Avios.

What can I spend my Avios on?

You can spend your Avios on flights, hotels, car hire and experiences.

Where can my Avios take me?

Our airlines cover routes across Europe as well as long haul flights around the world. You can also book hotels, car hire and experiences worldwide.

Which airlines can I fly with using my Avios?

You can use your Avios to fly with Aer Lingus, British Airways and Iberia. We've partnered with these airlines to give you a great choice of airports to fly from and destinations to fly to.

Can I still book with you if I don't have enough Avios?

Of course. If you don't have enough for the full Avios price, you can use one of our Avios and money options. These let you pay some Avios and top the rest up with money. The part Avios and money options will be shown alongside the full Avios price.

What is my baggage allowance?

Most Avios flight bookings include a baggage allowance. You'll find details of your baggage allowance in your travel documentation. Your documents may say '1PC', which simply means 1 piece, or 1 bag, of luggage.

Please contact the airline you're travelling with for confirmation of your baggage allowance and dimensions, as well as for further information relating to any sporting goods, musical instruments or other special items.

Which terminal will I be flying from?

This depends on which airline you're flying with. You can check the flight with the airline direct or get in touch and we'll check for you. If you already have a booking with us, your terminal will be on the documents we've sent you.

How much do I pay for taxes?

The taxes, fees and carrier charges will vary depending on the particular flight you book. You can find the exact amount for your trip by searching for your flight.

How far in advance can I book my flights?

Most airlines release their seats around 50 weeks before the flight. Avios seats can usually be booked at this time too. On rare occasions it may take a little longer for our allocation of seats to be assigned, so our seats would be put on sale at a later date.

Can I book one-way flights/complex journeys?

Yes, you can. You can book one-way flights with all of our airlines. Just tick the 'One-way' box when you search for flights. You can also book flights to one airport and fly back from another by calling us on +1855 585 8264 (toll free).

How much does a child or infant pay for a Avios flight ticket?

Infants (under 2 years) receive a discounted rate and pay just 10% of the Avios price.Children (2-12 years) don't receive a discount on Avios prices.

How do I make a special flight request?

You can make special flight requests outside 24 hours of travel. This includes dietary and seating requirements. If you're booking online you'll need to contact us on +44 1925 848770 once the booking is confirmed. If you choose to book with one of our agents, please tell them any request you have at the time of booking and they'll make them there and then.

N.B Special requests are not guaranteed and penalties may be incurred if you need to cancel.

What happens in the event of a problem or emergency?

We strongly recommend you take out an insurance policy. All insurance policies are different so, whichever insurance you choose, please ensure you take the policy documents with you when you travel and, if you have a medical emergency or other mishap likely to result in an insurance claim, they will explain the steps to follow. If you need to contact us while in resort, please call the Avios In-Resort Team on +44 1925 848770, they're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I book a flight for an under 18 year old travelling alone?

This may be possible on some scheduled airlines subject to availability. We can check for you - just call us on +1855 585 8264 (toll free).

When are the peak and off-peak travel periods?

The new peak and off-peak Avios pricing model is broadly based on the typically busy and quieter travel periods across the network. When you search for flights you'll be able to view our peak and off-peak dates for each airline.

Are there any credit card fees or booking fees?

You won't be charged any credit card fees when you book online. Bookings made over the phone, which could be made online, will incur a £15 booking fee per product.

Can I view my booking online after I have completed it?

We'll send you all the documents you need by either post or email.

When will I receive my documents from Avios?

Most documentation can be sent by email, which will arrive within 48 hours. If you'd prefer to have your documents posted to you, please let us know and allow up to 14 days for delivery. If you haven't received your documentation from us, or if you would like us to resend anything, please contact us.

Can you resend my booking confirmation?

Yes, please get in touch and we'll resend your documents as soon as possible. If you are travelling within the next 48 hours, please call us on +1855 585 8264 instead. We're open Monday to Friday, from 9am - 6pm ET.

How do I know if my booking is e-ticket?

We'll send you a confirmation email to say you won't receive any documents by post and we'll attach the e-ticket travel document to the email. If you haven't arranged for your documents to be sent by email, we'll pop an A4 copy of your e-ticket in the post.

There appears to be an error in my documents, what should I do?

Please call us on +1855 585 8264 and we'll be happy to help. We're open Monday to Friday, from 9am - 6pm ET.

How do I make a change to my booking?

Give us a call on +1855 585 8264 (toll free) if you wish to change an Avios booking. We'll help you change your booking and take a payment to cover our 'Change Fee', plus any supplier charges.

What happens if I want to change or amend a booking where my original fare was off-peak but the new fare is in a peak period?

If you change your booking you'll need to pay the Avios price difference between the two fares if the date changes from off-peak to peak, plus the administration fee.

What do I do if I want to cancel my booking?

Give us a call on +1855 585 8264 (toll free) if you wish to cancel an Avios booking. We'll help you cancel your booking, re-credit any Avios due to your account (as long as you cancel within 24 hours of departure) and take a payment to cover our Cancel Fee, plus any supplier charges.

What is the offline booking/service fee?

A £15 per person booking fee will be applied to any stand alone flight booking, which could've been made online.

What is the 'Cancellation or change Fee'?

We like to give you flexibility - so if you wish to change or cancel your Avios booking, you can. You'll pay a 'Cancellation Fee' or a 'Change Fee' of £35 per person for every change you make to a flight, plus any supplier charges.

Where do I find my airline locator (PNR)?

This reference is on your e-ticket (described as PNR), if you're having trouble finding it, you can contact us.

Can I use more than one Avios account to pay?

If you book online, you can only use one Avios account. If you want to use multiple accounts to pay, please call us on +1855 585 8264 (toll free) to book.

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