Marriott Rewards®

Collect up to 2 Avios for every US$1 spent*

Why collect Avios with Marriott Rewards?

  • Over 6,000 hotels
  • 87 countries
  • 17 participating brands to choose from
  • Exclusive Marriott Rewards member rates and free Wi-Fi when booking direct

*Avios reward will be based on US$ prices – we'll work out the exchange rate if you pay in another currency.

Collect 2 Avios for every US$1 spent at:

  • JW Marriott Logo
  • Autogrpah collection Logo
  • Renaissance Logo
  • Marriot hotels Logo
  • Vacations Club Marriott Logo
  • Delta Hotels Logo

Collect 2 Avios for every US$1 spent (room rate only) at:

  • Edition Logo
  • Gaylord Logo

Collect 1 Avios for every US$1 spent (room rate only) at:

  • Courtyard Logo
  • AC Hotels Logo
  • Springhill Marriott Logo
  • Fairfield Marriott Logo
  • Residence Inn Marriott Logo
  • Town Place Suites Logo
  • Marriott Executive Club Apartments Logo
  • Moxy Logo
  • Protea Logo

How to collect Avios at Marriott®

Join Marriott Rewards

If you haven't already you'll need to create an account with Marriott Rewards.

Choose Avios as your earn preference

Select ‘Miles’ as your earn preference and choose Avios.

Add your Avios membership number

Your Marriott Rewards points will be automatically transferred to Avios.

Quote your Marriott Rewards membership number when you book or check-in.
We’ll add Avios to your Account 6 weeks after your stay.

Already collecting Marriott Rewards Points?

Get Avios every time you stay at a Marriott hotel by changing your earning preferences in your Marriott Rewards account.

You can also turn your current Marriott Rewards Points into Avios at

Reward points – Avios
Marriott Rewards Points Avios
10,000 Points 2,000 Avios
20,000 Points 5,000 Avios
30,000 Points 10,000 Avios
70,000 Points 25,000 Avios
140,000 Points 50,000 Avios
Aer Club
Executive Club British Airways
Iberia Plus
Vueling Club