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100 Avios for every R10 Cash Rewards

Absa is an authorised FSP

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Join Absa Rewards and be rewarded in Cash Rewards for simply swiping your Absa debit, credit or cheque card when you shop. Then receive 100 Avios for every R10 Cash Rewards you convert. You can use your Avios towards flights all over the world.

Get rewarded

  1. You only need one transactional Absa account to join Absa Rewards.
  2. The more Absa products you have, the more cash back you’ll earn.
  3. You can earn additional Cash Rewards when shopping at any of the Absa Rewards Partners
  4. You automatically qualify for free access to Absa Reward’s Bonus Benefits

How to collect

  1. Join Absa Rewards online or by contacting the Absa call centre.
  2. Earn Cash Rewards by simply using your card to shop.
  3. Convert your Cash Rewards to Avios – quoting your Avios membership number.
  4. Get 100 Avios for every R10 you convert.

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General terms and conditions

To convert your Absa Cash Rewards for Avios you must go to the Absa Rewards website or call 086 1788 888. Convert your Absa Cash Rewards to Avios in bundles of R10, at an exchange of 100 Avios for R10. Points will be credited to your Avios Account within 3 working days. In accordance with the provisions of Electronic Communications and Transactions Act you have 7(Seven) working days after receipt of Avios into your Avios account, and before they are used, to request that they are transferred back into Absa Rewards. If the Avios points have been used to make Reward bookings, any Reward bookings made will need to be cancelled by paying the cancellation/amend fee as detailed on www.avios.com prior to requesting the reversal.

An Avios credit card enables the collection of Avios directly and is excluded from earning Cash Rewards.

Standard Absa Rewards terms and conditions apply.