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5 Avios for every 1 Lifestyle Rand converted

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Why collect with Legacy Lifestyle

Collect 5 Avios for every 1 Lifestyle Rand you earn when transacting with Legacy Lifestyle brand partners.

Lifestyle offers Rewards at over 200 Luxury Brand Partners, including Pringle of Scotland, Lorna Jane and health and beauty brand, L’Occitane en Provence.

Lifestyle members are now able to link their membership’s with their Avios account. Once linked, any Lifestyle Rands that you Earn can be converted into Avios.

How to collect Avios with Legacy Lifestyle

Set up an auto-convert

Let us do the hard work and automatically exchange Lifestyle Rands for Avios.

  • Save time and never miss out on Avios

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Manually convert

You can choose when you convert your Lifestyle Rands to Avios.

  • Convert Lifestyle Rands at any point


Terms and conditions

Legacy Lifestyle Terms and Conditions

Legacy Lifestyle operates the Legacy Lifestyle Programme in South Africa which enables members to earn and spend Lifestyle Rands with any of their 200 Partner brands. (1 South African rand equals 1 Lifestyle Rand). Membership to Legacy Lifestyle is free.

Avios members can now collect Avios via the Legacy Lifestyle Programme in South Africa by converting earned ‘Lifestyle Rands’ into Avios. Only Lifestyle Rands earned by Members post the date of their respective Avios profile linkage will be eligible for conversion into Avios Customers can do this using the following options;

Option 1: Points to Avios - Customers access the Legacy Lifestyle site and select to exchange Lifestyle Rand to Avios. 1 Lifestyle Rand equals 5 Avios.

Customers must select which reward programme they want to allocate Avios to, the Avios Travel Rewards Programme (South Africa) or the British Airways Executive Club. Customers must enter a valid membership number. Failure to give the required membership information may result in Avios not being awarded to the account. Avios can only be credited to one account only.

In accordance with the provisions of Electronic Communications and Transactions Act you have 7 working (Seven) days after receipt of Avios points into your account, and before they are used, to request that they are transferred back into Lifestyle Rand. If the Avios points have been used to make Reward bookings, any Reward bookings made will need to be cancelled by paying the cancellation/amend fee as detailed on www.avios.com/zaterms prior to requesting the reversal.

Option 2: Auto Opt-In – Customers can link their Avios Travel Rewards Programme (South Africa) or British Airways Executive Club to Legacy Lifestyle and choose to have all future Lifestyle Rands automatically converted to Avios. 1 Lifestyle Rand equals 5 Avios.

Only one Avios Programme membership number may be linked to a Legacy Lifestyle Programme account at any one time.

Only Lifestyle Rands earned post the activation and linkage of the Members Lifestyle and Avios Memberships can be converted to Avios.

All Avios will appear in the customer’s account within 14 days days, following the actual date of the purchase. Avios will not be awarded for any returned items.

For all missing Avios queries, please contact Legacy Lifestyle either by phone or email 0861 WALLET (925 538) / info@legacylifestyle.co.za

You may claim missing Avios after completion of your purchase after the 30 day period provided you have proof of purchase and the claim is made within three months of your original purchase.

Avios terms and conditions and Legacy Lifestyle terms and conditions apply.