up to 1,000 Avios per plan ordered

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Collect 2,000 Bonus Avios

Bonus Avios

Get Mobile WiFi data for Bonus Avios.

Be one of the first 150 customers to sign up and get 2,000 Bonus Avios.

Why collect with OpenWeb?

OpenWeb offers uncapped ADSL data and superfast fibre optic connection to homes and businesses. You get connected to the world wide web – and you collect Avios to connect you to a world of excitement and adventure.

You can collect:

Option Collection rate
ADSL line rental or fibre optic router 1,000 Avios (once-off)
Fibre monthly rental 1 Avios per R4 spent on monthly subscription (1 Avios / R2 for the first 6 months of payments)
Uncapped business ADSL monthy rental 1 Avios per R10 spent
First data bolt-on product bought 500 Avios. 250 Avios for purchases after
Mobile LTE-A Wifi 1 Avios for every R6 spent

OpenWeb customers can collect 1 Avios per R6 on their monthly mobile data package subscription.


How to collect Avios with OpenWeb?

  1. Select the product or package you want at and click ‘Order Now’
  2. Fill out your details, and give your Avios membership number
  3. Enter your bank details – and then enjoy quick and easy connection

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Terms and conditions

  1. To be eligible for this offer, new OpenWeb customers must purchase any one of the OpenWeb products/services in Table 1 below, and be a member of the Avios Travel Rewards Programme (ATRP). (“Eligible Members”)
  2. Eligible members will collect Avios on purchase of the products/services set out in Table 1 below.
  3. Eligible Customers must purchase OpenWeb Products/services by means of an electronic or telephonic signup which includes the signing (physically or electronically) of a debit order billed monthly in advance.
  4. Avios will be awarded to your account within 28 days of purchase
  5. In order to qualify for the OpenWeb Avios in this offer, the Eligible Customer must maintain and use an OpenWeb ADSL/Fibre data subscription for at least one calendar month.
  6. Avios are issued and redeemed in accordance with Avios terms and conditions
  7. OpenWeb general terms, conditions and FUP apply
  8. For missing Avios please contact
Eligible product Avios
ADSL Line Rental 1,000 Avios
Fibre Router 1,000 Avios
Fibre Monthly Rental 1 Avios per R4 spend (1 Avios per R2 for the first 6 months of payments)
Uncapped Business ADSL monthly rental 1 Avios per R7 spend
Uncapped Business Fibre monthly rental 1 Avios per R10 spend
Bolt-On Product Offer (including purchasing i) Fibre Router as part of initial installation; ii) ad-hoc streaming; and iii) gaming or priority download bolt-on) 1,000 Avios – Fibre Router purchase 500 Avios – 1st bolt-on purchase 250 Avios – 2nd and further bolt-on purchases
Reseller Offer 1 Avios per R10 on billed data above R50,0001  Avios per R7.50 on billed data above

Promotional Terms and conditions

  1. This offer will grant the first 150 new clients who signup for either our Mobile LTE-A and Premium Mobile LTE-A product 2000 Avios once off.
  2. The offer only applies to new clients, signing up via the website.
  3. Existing clients cannot make use of this offer
  4. Avios will be granted only if you insert your Avios Membership Rewards Programme number or British Airways Executive Club number on the OpenWeb Home Panel:
  5. Clients will have 3 months to claim their 2000 Avios from 18 May 2018. No further claims will be accepted after COB 18 August 2018.
  6. If a clients debit order returns as Unpaid, they will forfeit the 2000 Avios points with immediate effect.
  7. The Avios will be loaded one calendar month after signup.